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Meet your AML compliance requirements and prevent organized crimes with an AI-Powered AML solution.

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AI-Powered AML Platform:

No-code and customizable anti-money laundering solution with drag-and-drop.

Big Data Analytics

Prevent money laundering by tracking money laundering typologies, suspicious transactions, behavioral transitions, and customer transactions.

Easy to Customize

Monitor your revenue and total assets in real-time while you are on the go from anywhere, on any device. See preferred dashboards and reports on your mobile device.

Real-time Monitoring

Handle millions of data streaming in real-time and take automatic actions based on your workflows and get reports on the ones which you choose.

Reduce AML Risk and Improve Your KYC Checks

Formica detects abnormal behavior patterns and detects money laundering anomalies with AI-powered insights.

  • Discover Complex Connections

    Take advantage of real-time data analysis and graph analytics at the same time. Discover ingenious money laundering scenarios by evaluating risky situations with their past connections. Check current and potential risky users in banned lists and blacklists data.

  • Customizable Rules & Reports

    Streamline and customize your reporting processes. Stay relevant with global AML reporting guidelines and regulations. Customize your rule flows with drag & drop according to your needs or takes advantage of ready-to-use rule flows.

  • Reduce Risk Control Workload

    With the drag-and-drop feature, you can create the most proper rules and scenarios without coding. With dynamic rules and workflows, you can reduce false positive alarms, focus on the risky transactions and reduce your control workload.

  • Monitor High-Risk Transactions in Real-Time

    Monitor all transactions in real-time and detect high-risk and suspicious transactions. Set rules that automatically block suspicious users. Leverage your historical data to identify previously undetected risks and suspicious activities. Get rid of false positives by improving your data quality.

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