All-in-One Platform to Monitor Business Activities

AI-powered Business Activity Monitoring(BAM) solution to see business activities in real-time.

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AI-powered Business Activity Monitoring:

See business performance KPIs while helping your managers make data-driven decisions.

Business Ready Flows

Use a set of rules and workflows with a drag & drop feature which is perfect to take automated actions when triggers are met.

Mobile App

Monitor your revenue and total assets in real-time while you are on the go from anywhere, on any device. See preferred dashboards and reports on your mobile device.

Real-time Monitoring

Handle millions of data streaming in real-time and take automatic actions based on your workflows and get report on the ones which you choose.

AI-powered business activity monitoring solution to identify abnormal business activity in real- time.

Increase business awareness with real-time monitoring, anywhere.

  • Mobile Reporting App

    See your business data in charts and graphics based on your priorities, any where. Easily customize dashboards for mobile reporting.

  • Custom Dashboards

    Create customized dashboards in minutes specific to your business needs and monitor what matters first.

  • Team Onboarding Quickly

    Having your all team in the same place is comfortable and you can onboard as many team members as you want together with segregation of duties.

  • Easy Integration

    BAM product that would be integrated with an API gateway to any service or application your company uses.

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