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May 11, 2023

Seon vs. Formica: Which One to Choose?

If you're looking for a new fraud detection solution for better managing your risk operations, take a look at this overview comparison of Formica Fraud and Seon.

Get to Know: Seon

Budapest based company Seon was founded in 2017. After five funding rounds, Seon raised $107.8 million. Seon is a company that provides anti-fraud solutions for businesses and customers varying from e-commerce merchants to travel and ticketing firms. Other than that they also serve to banks, insurance firms, iGaming and gambling companies and more.  

Products of Seon

Seon provides their customers with two distinct products:

  • Sense Platform
  • Intelligence Tool

Intelligence Tool is more like an additional module for increasing the accuracy of the risk scorings by using more advanced data enrichment points while Sense Platform is the main fraud detection product.  

In addition to these two tools merchants can also benefit from their Shopify App integration option.  

Feature Comparison List of Seon and Formica Fraud


Formica Fraud 


Risk Analysis 


Custom rules 



Machine learning suggestions 



Industry preset rules 



Risk score 




API calls Yes Yes
Modular APIs  Yes Yes
Custom API fields Yes Yes
GUI  Yes Yes
Graph visualization Yes No
List management  Yes, via cache Yes

Manual quary

Yes Yes
Chrome extension No Yes
Integration with other tools Yes, via API Call Yes

Data Aggregation

IP analysis No Yes
Email data enrichment   No Yes
Phone data enrichment  No Yes
Device fingerprinting   No Yes
User authentication Yes, via cookies and browser hash Yes


Real-time reporting Yes No
Mobile reporting Yes No
Team Management  Yes Yes


Chargeback guarantee No No
Free integration  Yes Yes
Free support Yes Yes
Free trial Yes Yes
Cost per month Flexible Flexible

Why You Should Choose Formica Fraud

formica vs seon
  1. To get reports and stay on alert all the time with the mobile reporting app

Formica Fraud offers a mobile app and reporting services through which the users can reach the latest updates, alerts and reports. This feature is especially useful for the managers who need a holistic view of the risk management operations. You can simply customize the dashboards that you need to access often and then pin them for easy access.

  1. To get a holistic view of your customers with graph analytics

Using graph analytics in fraud detection, Formica can increase the success of the risk management operations significantly. You can easily connect the dots through fraud graphs in which you can see present and historical information about a transaction or a customer. It’s basically a better way of profiling your customer and have a holistic view.  

  1. To have the advantage of scalability with the powerful data streaming infrastructure

Formica Fraud has a robust data streaming infrastructure and all the reports that will be provided is based on real-time data processing. The volume of data won’t affect the performance of the platform noticeably, so you will always have the advantage of scalability. You don’t have to worry about the system slowing down when it encounters bigger amounts of data. Formica will scale all the processes automatically.  

seon vs formica

Why You Should Choose Seon

  1. If you’re a merchant on Shopify  

Since Seon provides the direct integration option with Shopify App to its users. If you’re a merchant that ownes a shop in Shopify, it can be a good idea to have direct integration to the app to have higher control.

  1. If you want to have the Social Media Lookup option

Seon offers a social media lookup service as a data enrichment point. Especially if you’re in e-commerce business, to get a better view of your customers and measure the risk of them through social media channels can be highly beneficial.  

  1. If you need more diverse data enrichment points

Seon is highly developed when it comes to data aggregation and enrichment. Because they offer various data enrichment points, the tool can be used for more diverse purposes of different industries.

Formica Fraud Highlights in a Nutshell

Thanks to API gateways you’re able to integrate Formica to any services or applications that you’re currently benefiting from. Furthermore, any AI insights or reports that you receive from Formica Fraud are based on real-time data. This means that you can be on top of potential fraudsters all the time and make more accurate and fast decisions. With the strong data processing skills of Formica, fraud graphs, and mobile reporting opportunity, you’ll always be ready to handle increased amounts of data rapidly.