Customer360 innovative risk scoring solution

Mitigate and assess fraud risks with Customer360 and ensure safety.

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Unleash Insights, Empower Decisions with Customer360

Empower risk decisions with Customer360:
analyze data and, prevent fraud with confidence

Social Media Risk Scoring Through Email Address

Customer 360 delivers risk scoring by analyzing email addresses, considering their registration date on
social media platforms and also checking for prior breaches.

Risk Scoring Through IP Address

Design a customized KYC tool for your business needs, ensure high security, provide the user experience.

AI & ML Driven Decision Making

AI and ML-driven risk scoring: Empowering data-driven decisions and risk mitigation.

Customer360, empowering businesses with comprehensive risk scoring

Protect your business from fraudulent activities with Customer360:
Analyze data, evaluate risks and, safeguard your business.

  • Optimize cost-efficiency through the power of Artificial Intelligence

    Enhance the productivity of your risk experts by leveraging diverse Al models, streamlining workflows, and accelerating data processing. Benefit from real-time alerts, instant reporting, and efficient alarm management to swiftly address risky situations. Minimize manual reviews and optimize workloads for increased efficiency.

  • Empower Risk Assessment with Customer360's Comprehensive Insights

    Unleash the power of Customer360; the innovative risk assessment solution that combines IP-based, email-based, and social media-based risk scoring. Evaluate risks accurately, protect your business with confidence, and build trust. Stay relevant by analyzing diverse data points, including IP addresses, email metadata, and social media activity. Harness the comprehensive insights of Customer360 to safeguard your operations, comply with regulations, and make smarter decisions.

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