A glossary that explains the nature of fraud and artificial intelligence!

Discover the concepts behind fraud and artificial intelligence, develop your fraud detection and prevention strategies with this awareness!

[Fraud glossary]

In this ebook,
you'll learn about...

  • ➜ What are the fraud technologies and why should you understand them?

  • ➜ Techniques that are frequently used among fraudsters and the precautions you should take against these techniques

  • ➜ Methods you should use in AI-powered fraud detection

  • ➜ Concepts related to artificial intelligence technologies

  • ➜ Alternative features you can use in AI-powered fraud detection

Need to learn more about fraud detection with artificial intelligence?

Thanks to this glossary, where you can go deep into the concepts of artificial intelligence and fraud, you can plan the measures you need to take for your business step by step.

Protect your company's reputation and prevent financial losses by making your business processes safe for your customers and employees!

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Fraud Glossary

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