A glossary that will help you navigate your way in KYC and AML processes!

Get familiar with these concepts to save your time in KYC and AML operations. Dive into the deep of KYC & AML right now!

AML KYC Glossary

[KYC & AML glossary]

In this ebook,
you'll learn about...

  • ➜ What are the important and universal terms used in
    AML & KYC processes

  • ➜ Typical stages and methods of money laundering

  • ➜ Methods that are used by institutions to fight money laundering

  • ➜ KYC & AML compliance pillar concept

  • ➜ Concepts that are included in KYC guidelines & policies

AML KYC Glossary

Need to learn more about know your customer and anti-money laundering?

With the help of the AML & KYC Glossary, you can give yourself a headstart in moving your KYC and AML operations one step ahead instead of getting lost in the terminology.

Insufficient KYC and AML practices can cost you the reputation of your business, along with financial damage. Protect your business and customers by getting started to learn today!

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AML & KYC Glossary

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AML KYC Glossary