Improve Fraud and AML Prevention with Powerful KYC Tool

Improve your KYC controls and reduce AML risk with the comprehensive fraud platform for your risk teams and provide higher customer satisfaction.

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Easier, Safer and More Efficient KYC Service:

Help compliance and make things easier for your users while reducing fraud!

High Adaptability

High adaptability to your business needs with customizable user interfaces and reports.

Easy to Customize

Design a customized KYC tool for your business needs, ensure high security, provide the user experience.

Optimise Historical Transactions

Keep track of every transaction. Pull detailed reports of past verifications quickly and easily

Save Costs and Reduce User Friction with Formica KYC Verification

Protect your business from fraud with a streamlined and integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure and meet all legal KYC requirements.

  • Reduce Operational Costs with Artificial Intelligence

    Reduce workloads while increasing the working efficiency of your risk experts with different AI models. Scale up the data faster than ever. Get real-time alerts for risky situations without spending extra time thanks to instant reporting and alarm management. So reduce manual reviews and inefficient workload.

  • Meet Regulatory Obligations, Follow Compliance Easily

    Stay relevant with global KYC regulations and adapt to regulations based on industry, region or transactions. Pick the verification rules that help you have more customers while reducing manual reviews. Upgrade your systems to the latest KYC standards with ready-made or customizable rule flows and mark fraudsters automatically

  • Streamline Customer Verification Process

    Gain valuable insights into performance and make data-driven decisions with big data analytics. Use AI insights to streamline your decision-making processes and enable you to make data-driven decisions. Accelerate and simplify the customer verification process with AI (Artificial Intelligence) insights and big data analytics.

  • Integrate Few Data Points

    Easily integrate with your existing business tools, processes and datasets. Use multiple data sources for comprehensive data analysis and provide high-level security while strenghtening your insights with big data analytics.

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