Shopify Fraud Prevention

Protect your business with Formica and increase revenue with a better customer experience. You don't have to be an IT professional to protect your Shopify store. Without having to contact a 3rd party or another IT resource, you can prevent fraud attempts yourself with Formica.

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Real-Time Fraud Prevention and Transaction Monitoring

Prevent fraudulent activities in real-time while removing heavy chargebacks.

Business Ready Workflows

Create a set of rules and workflows with
drag-and-drop features. Use complex automation easily. Increase the efficiency of your teams.

Real-time reporting

Ready-to-use templates for the real-time reporting tool. Analyze your order, and inventory, and check out data in real-time. Mobile app analyzes millions of transactions in real-time.

Alarm Management Screen

Analyze risky transactions. You can view detailed listing. Take control with the alarm management screen.

Protect your business against fraudulent activities and increase revenue with a better customer experience with Formica

  • Mobile Reporting Application in Real-Time

    Formica has a mobile app version that shows your data in charts and notifications based on how you want to see it. It's easy user interference lets you reach the data you want to see first. And you don't have to update the app every time you create a new reporting or dashboard; you can easily customize any mobile reporting from the desktop.

  • AI-powered Business Activity Monitoring

    AI-powered business activity monitoring solution for identifying abnormal business activity in real time. You can increase business awareness with real-timemonitoring

  • Alarm Management

    Alarms are a great way to keep track of fraudulent activities. With Formica Fraud, it is crucial to detect and identify the unusual behaviors that can happen through the flow process. You can immediately interfere with fraudulent activities in real-time with Formica.

  • Business-Ready Workflows

    The platform has a user-friendly interface with its fast implementation of business-ready workflows. The drag-and-drop feature lets you draw complex workflows in a few minutes and use workflow templates prepared for your business needs.

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