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February 15, 2022

Formica Platform Updates: Team Authorization and Risk Operations with Formica AI

Greetings from Formica AI! Our passion for constant development brings us here. We seek innovation all the time hence we have made a few adjustments and improvements in Formica. Bear with us to find out our new offerings to your business!

Role and Authority Management Improvements

Improvement in role and authority management is the first subject we want to cover! Now, we offer you even more flexibility in the management and authorization processes of the alarms that you receive in risky situations.

Formica Feature Updates

With the permission support and alarm-management collaborator improvements, you can easily manage the authorization processes of your whole team through identifying or restraining access to each subject for each user. You can define authorizations such as none, read, write, deploy for the menus and modules you want according to the responsibilities and authorities of your team. We help you smooth your risk operation processes and more comprehensive control over risk.  

Formica Feature Updates

Richer and Better Rule Generation

As an extension of the efforts on data aggregation and enrichment —again through APIs— we are currently able to access the missing and different types of transaction data — which might be necessary during the integration of transactions and rule writing — from different sources.

Formica Feature Updates

This improvement enables the inclusion of this data in rule generation. Through the different features and options that we offer at the stage of obtaining the data, we’re promising more advanced integration options for your business now.

Formica Feature Updates

All these advancements result in richer and better rule generation processes. With new developments, much more complex rules can now be written, and success rates increase as the rules become more complex. At the same time, you can easily discover the hidden connections between all these data through graphs since we also rely on graph(link) analytics.

That’s it for now from the Formica AI crew. Stay tuned for upcoming improvements. If you’re as excited as we are about our freshly added features, then go on, start your Formica journey! Request for a free demo now!