Fight advanced fraud cases with Artificial Intelligence

Make smarter decisions, reduce false positives, easily manage crisis scenarios and connect multiple channels with one single fraud solution.

Formica presents

AI-powered Fraud Platform for Banks

Cloud-native streaming data platform helping banks to overcome challenges by transforming big data.

Business Ready Flows

Use a set of rules and workflows with the drag & drop feature which is perfect to take automated actions when the triggers are met.

Mobile App

Monitor your revenue and total assets in real-time while you are on the go from anywhere, on any device. See preferred dashboards and reports on your mobile device.

Real-time Monitoring

Handle millions of data streaming in real-time and take automatic actions based on your workflows and get reports on the ones which you choose.

Support Omni-Channel Fraud Detection

Easily process your data from different channels and manage them on a single platform, and track fraud operations from mobile or desktop devices easily. Track transactions in real time and get AI insights by connecting omni-channel fraud operations.

Have a holistic and continuous experience with Formica Fraud's omni-channel approach.

Ready-to-Use Workflows for Banking Industry

Formica offers you ready-to-use workflows that are specific to banking. You can start your fraud operation immediately by using business-ready workflows. Or you can create your own bank-specific workflows in seconds with the drag-and-drop feature without the need for coding.

Adopt your team to constantly changing fraud techniques with flexible and easily deployed workflows and scenarios.

Identify Risky Transactions in Real-Time

Safeguard your debit and credit card transactions with Formica and identify card breaches exposure immediately, preventing losses before they happen. Score risky situations and stay alert for critical signals with comprehensive alarm management.

Stream, analyse and monitor millions of transactions from multiple sources in real-time.

Track Customer's Historical Analysis in Real-Time

Monitor your customers’ actions in real time. Let the artificial intelligence score them and make it easier to follow the risky customers. Know your customers, provide a smooth customer journey and keep the company trust at the highest level. By self-learning capabilities, identify abnormal patterns by connecting real-time and historical analysis. 

View both your own scores and AI scores at the same time and make quick decisions for risky situations.

Utilise Fraud Data in Anti-Money Laundering

Enable your risk teams to meet Formica's user-friendly interface, without any need of technical proficiency move faster with the easy UI and increase operational efficiency, do not waste time to detect fraud. Connect your fraud operations with AML needs and get a holistic approach to risk management.

Protect your company from heavy chargebacks and disputes.

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