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May 18, 2022

Formica Platform Updates: An Even Friendlier Interface, A More Useful Sidebar and UX Developments

We're here with breaking news from Formica AI platform! These latest developments will save you a lot of time to fight with fraud. Go on and discover all the improvements made in the user experience and user interface!

An Even Friendlier Interface

Based on one of our mottos, “No need for IT support to manage the platform”, now you’ll see an even more user-friendly interface with the new updates! You can easily access whatever you need and navigate your way in the platform faster thanks to a cleaner design and well-planned categories.  

In the renewed and improved Formica AI platform UI, everything’s grouped together and placed as visibly as possible for your convenience. With this even more structured interface, you can forget about the complex concepts and flourish your business without wasting time.  

Formica AI UI

A More Useful Sidebar

Another update comes from the sidebar functions in Formica platform. Now you can manage and easily access most functions through the sidebar and this update will help you gain speed in your fight against fraud. The design is usage-centered and you will have more control on the system.  

To be more clear, cache, http, and database variables can be seen and opened on the sidebar instead of leading to a seperate page. Same feature applies for data aggregation and connection files. Hence you can have a more holistic view on everything through a quick glance. Furthermore you can easily deploy and delete anything within these categories without bothering to open the related page.  

Formica AI UI Sidebar

User Experience Updates

All of our cache, cache variable, aggregation, connection, http and database variable pages are improved and designed for a much easier site navigation. Thanks to these new UX updates, you and your risk management team can save a lot of time in your daily operations. All pages in the platform have the same structure and order, making it easier for you to find what you need immediately. In addition to the general UX rennovations, there has been improvements made in the event simulation page. Similarly, it has been also redesigned for easier usage and a more structural order.  

Formica AI UX

That's it from Formica AI for today. Formica AI is here to make your life easier and your business more prosperous. If you don't want to waste more time, go on and start your free demo today and have everything at once immediately!