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June 17, 2022

Just Got Back from Money20/20 Europe

While the energizing effect of Europe's biggest event Money20/20 is still fresh, we wanted to prepare a rundown of the event highlights and what we have learned as a team for you! Go on and take a look!

Our team has just got back from Money20/20 Europe and while their memories are still fresh we wanted to get valuable insights from them about the event. There’s no doubt that Money20/20 was an amazing opportunity for all the participants including Formica AI. Thanks to this experience we’ve had the chance to learn exactly what the fintech industry needs and about the possibilities the future holds for all the players of the fintech world.

As an anti-fraud solution provider, it’s crucial for us to have one on one interaction with the people who face the fraud related challenges first hand everyday. This way, we’re able to keep our practices and our products up to date in a more realistic way. In addition, these kinds of gatherings are a way to boost the vision for the future.  

What Did We Learn from Money20/20 as a Growing Team?

Each and every one of our participants in Money20/20, undoubtedly grew a lot both professionally and personally and of course they had the chance to meet great people. However, other than that there’s a specific concept that excite the whole team: risk orchestration.  

Our one and only Developer Team Lead, Burak Helvacı, stated that he is back with valuable insights about what the fintech world needs right now and will need from a fraud detection solution in the future. Burak says as the business expands, expectations from the abilities of an anti-fraud software will be more and more elaborate and specific. Simply because there’s a growing need for tailored craft solutions. In order to meet the demands of the industry solutions should be customizable and comprehensive. He also stated that it was an amazing opportunity for professional growth and a chance to meet valuable peers.  

Formica AI at Money20/20

Another participant, our CEO and founder, Özgür Oktan, too foresees a similar future for fintech: a need for comprehensive risk orchestration. Stating that he realized we’re on the right path as Formica AI, once again our trust in Formica AI as a solution got boosted. This was our first time in Money20/20 but it is an incredible hub for bringing the whole fintech world together and sure it’s an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed.  

A Glimpse of the Future

Money20/20 was an important experience and a milestone for Formica AI. We had the chance to meet and contact with numerous valuable connections and possible partners in person. Furthermore, it’s evident that fraud detection and prevention will be more and more needed by the fintech industry as well as many others. Based on the experience we had at Money20/20, we’ll work even harder on our services and products to provide the latest and top quality solutions to our partners.  

Formica AI at Money20/20