Be Ready For Fraud Attacks

Fraud risks could cost serious losses. Our AI-powered fraud protection solution helps you to monitor, detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time. 

Why Choose Formica

Low-code Platform

No need for software knowledge to create the best fraud detection workflows for your business.

Instead of coding, use a clean canvas to run flows of any complexity and create automation without the need for technical knowledge.

Business-Ready Workflows and Rules

Easily create workflows for your business for fraud detection with the drag and drop feature.

Take advantage of the industry-specific rule packages and ready-to-use workflows.

Less False-Positive Cases

Machine learning technology allows you to easily deal with fraud cases by self-learning from your actions and customers' behavior.

No more wasted time searching for false alarms. Deal with real fraudulent transactions instead of false-positive cases.

Now used by

Easily Detect and Prevent Fraud in Real-time 

Formica has a user-friendly interface. The tool is quite fast to implement with the sets of business-ready workflows. The drag-and-drop feature lets you draw your workflow in a few minutes, and you can also use workflow templates prepared for your business needs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify fraud cases and reduce false-positives provide you significant advantages.

Reduce manual investigation and automate your decisions based on data and artificial intelligence.

Alarm Management 

Use comprehensive alarm management to analyse and investigate risky transactions and potential fraud incidents.

Make a deep investigation search and create reports based on customer segmentation or users.

Easily take actions like blocking or changing permissions where necessary.

Easy to Use

  • Team Onboarding Quickly

    Have your all team in the same place and onboard as many team members as you want.  

    In addition, with authorization mechanisms, define authorizations for your team in line with their responsibility area and define user groups. This way your sensitive data and work can only be seen and managed by people you select.  

  • Easy Integration

    Fraud detection technologies should be flexible due to constantly changing circumstances and business needs. That's why we built a fraud detection product that would be integrated with an API gateway to any service or application your company uses.

    Start using now by integrating with APIs and make data-driven decisions for fraud prevention.

  • Cloud or On-Premise

    Take advantage of modern technology and integrations so that you can use the platform either in the cloud or on-premises, depending on your business needs and compliance requirements.

  • Mobile Reporting App

    Secure access to your business data and information right from your pocket. Easily create dashboards and notifications based on your business needs and priorities.

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